Dr. Amitabh Chowdhury Memorial Trust

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Guwahati- 781007, Assam Tel: 91-361-2526261,2520866
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Born to the family of Late Garga Narayan Chowdhury and devout spirit, Late Surabala Chowdhury, Amitabh came to this world on the 19th day of December, 1969, as the first child of Sri Dhiresh Narayan Chowdhury and Srimati Biraja Chowdhury. His grandfather apart from being a lawyer, was also the founding Editor of the then Assamese monthly journal “Milanâ� At the age of four, Amitabh started his schooling from St Mary’s English High School Guwahati and studied there till Class III. He then joined the Don Bosco English High School, Guwahati where he studied till Class VII. From Class VII onwards Amitabh pursued his education, at the boarding school of Assam Rifles Public School (ARPS) located at the picturesque Laitkor area of Shillong. From ARPS, Amitabh completed his Class X Board exams in the year 1986 securing distinction in Mathematics, and his Class XII Board exams with distinction in Physics in the year 1988. At school, apart from academics Amitabh used to participate in extracurricular activities like Horse riding and indulging himself in Batik paint activities. Amitabh’s skill as a front ranking cricket and table tennis player used to get reflected in the School cricket and table tennis championship events,.....

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What Our Organisation Do

To keep alive the humanitarian breadth, that Amitabh personified- The Dr. Amitabh Chowdhury Memorial Trust was instituted, soon after Amitabh’s departure in the year 2003. The objective of the Trust is to mobilize and support all forms of humanitarian enterprise- infuse and enliven humanitarianism; institutionalize fellowship and practice humanity. The Trust has been created as an instrument to serve society. On 30th of March, 2004, it made its beginning by renovating and refurbishing the Dr. Amitabh Chowdhury Memorial Library, located at Gauhati Medical College Hospital- Amitabh’s alma-mater. On 19th December, 2004, the Dr. Amitabh Chowdhury Annual Memorial Lecture series was formally inaugurated by the legendary Jurist- Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer. Till date eleven Annual Commemorative Lectures has been successfully organized. By this Lecture series, organized on every Birthday eve of Dr. Amitabh,

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Mission Statement

From his early childhood, Amitabh was full of magnanimity and concern for the people around him. Humility, integrity, absence of deceit, uprightness, purity of body and mind, steadfastness were his companion. Self effacement was his comrade-devoted to God with whole hearted discipline. A totally detached person, yet supporting all- in his brief sojourn, Amitabh embodied all the characteristics of a true Yogi. Free from pride, or any kind of delusion, it seemed as though he was able to conquer the evils of attachment and desire. Just as his genuine concern, profound simplicity and courtesy charmed all those who knew him from a closer angle; his eyes always portrayed affectionate warmth. He was in the words of Mathew Arnold, “personification of sweetness and lightâ� Yes, Amitabh was a sui â�generis, unparalleled and incomparable. Perhaps that’s the reason why the goodness embodied in Amitabh, still survives.

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Dr. Amitabh Chowdhury Memorial Lecture

My Gratitude

Over the years, kind people and organizations whom I have not known earlier have invited me to speak to them. And I have received all courtesies from them. Yet, rarely, if ever, have I received an invitation from someone I have not known which sounds as if it is coming from one I hae knwn all my life. WhenSri Justiice Dhiresh Narayan Chowdhury rang me, it was as if a member of my family was inviting me. I was so touched that almost before he could change his mind, I said ‘yesâ� I offer to........

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At a Loss

I do not know how to even begin to pay tribute to the memory of Dr. Amitabha Chowdhury. What does one â�what can one â�say about a person who I should have been able to meet, to get to know, one who should have been returning home today to his wife, to fond parents, bringing a surprise gift to his sister, a hug to his brother. But there it is. The hard reality is that we are meeting around his name, for him, because of him, and with no one else in mind, so much so that we can feel his presence but, in actual fact............

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John Donne on Loss

Jhon Donne, the great sixteenth/seventeenth century poet, wrote the amazing sonnet ‘Death be not Proudâ� He wrote it in a spirit of metaphysical defiance of the physicality of death. All of you know its verses well, yet I would like to quote its opening lines Would like to steal courage from Donne and in his wake, add a further bold advisory: â�Death be not proudâ�Come, if you must, with prior warning. Do not sneak up like some thief from the shadows. Ring the front door-bell, present your card, ask to be seated, speak your purpose, ..........

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